Health & Safety

Health & Safety

We believe in working in a secure building environment

We value the safety and health of our labourers, contractors, partners and visitors, so we rigidly apply the best health and safety standards, including the need to have a current SafePass and on site training. All team members are provided with the equipment and training they need to work safely and productively. We assure clients that lives are not put at risk in the building of any project. 

DPPS Contracts Safety Policy

It is the policy of DPPS Contracts to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, through all their management functions, the Safety, Health & Welfare of their employees and of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. It is the intention of DPPS Contracts that all work will be carried out in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions and all reasonably practicable measures to avoid risk to our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, and all others who may be affected by our work, will be adopted.

This Safety Statement represents the commitment of the company to ensure adequate resources are available to provide co-ordinated and effective Safety Programs through awareness, training and continuous improvement evaluations. The Safety Statement and other safety procedures are part of controlled documentation and are therefore subject to review and change.

The Management of DPPS Contracts are committed to ensuring the design, provision and maintenance of their plant / equipment is in a condition that is, in so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health. The Management also recognise that it is their duty to provide systems of work which are planned, organised, performed and maintained, so as to be as far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health. This Statement of the Company Safety Policy will be made available to all employees of DPPS Contracts. We will ensure that employees will have the awareness, skills and knowledge to carry out this policy. We will aim to provide workplaces free from recognised hazards and promote healthy lifestyles.

All employees are expected to co-operate with the company in carrying out this Safety Policy and must ensure that their work is carried out without risk to themselves or to others. At the time of preparation, this Safety Statement sought to identify, as far as possible, with the co-operation of employees, all possible hazards and risks present in the place of work and during work activities. We will integrate Safety considerations into our business.

We have a positive Health and Safety culture and hold regular internal Health & Safety reviews which contributes to our ability to closely monitor and correctly manage health and safety within the organisation. Allied to this, Response staff are given training in order to ensure that our staff are competent in their roles and we ensure that their skills and training are current.

The Accident Frequency Rate for DPPS Contracts is currently 0.

We are certified and accredited by the Construction Industry Federation.

Construction Industry Federation accredited
Construction Industry Federation accredited